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American Clay! An alternitive to standard drywall texture

Whenever we hear people talk about green building or designing and constructing eco-friendly homes, it’s mostly reservations and apprehensions. One of the major reservations is people thinking that they will have to give up convenient things and ‘settle’ for inconvenient, unreliable stuff – particularly when it comes to building material. Boy, are they wrong! Our aim to create green homes constantly brings us across wonderful eco-friendly products that are surprisingly better than what we’ve been using so far. And one such material is: American Clay Earth Plaster.

American Clay is a natural and environment-friendly substitute for regular plaster and performs all the functions of a regular plaster, only better. Regular plaster is made out of gypsum, cement, acrylic or lime, whereas American Clay is mud/earth/clay based. This makes a huge difference to the texture, stability, application, versatility, esthetics and health of the walls. American Clay Plaster allows walls and surfaces to breath, doesn’t attract dust and mostly importantly – takes much longer to ‘set’ than normal plasters – so you have more time to work, without waste.

American Clay Plasters are made of recycled aggregates, natural clay and uses natural pigments to achieve its 42 colors. American Clay makes three different types of plasters to achieve three different finishes and for three different types of plastering requirements. Coloring pigments are separately available so that users can create their own tints and hues based on a shading card. Their website, also has a ‘how-to’ section.

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